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We specialize in the customization, installation, and development of EPOS systems, as well as the marketing of systems coming from our affiliated developers. Our systems continue to evolve and grow as people change the way they do business.

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WE do more than just install. we make sure that your people know how to use the systems efficiently. Enjoy our training services as part of our deliverables to you the moment you buy the systems from us.


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Our systems work well independently, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t integrate with existing systems.

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The Conference room is a central place in a workplace where effective discussions, conceptualizing and educating sessions, important transaction and choices take area. It is a location where staff members come for essential meetings with the objective of enhancing business and attaining the vital business objectives. It coincides space where external company clients or any third-party site visitors are welcomed to trade ideas or develop collaborations. With these conference locations playing such a crucial duty, it is essential to employ a professional interior decoration consultancy to develop a conference area that establishes the best atmosphere.

Some of the necessary aspects to be considered while designing a seminar room include:

1) Layout Design:

These areas can be created making use of different kinds of formats consisting of a banquet-style layout, theatre-style layout, classroom-style format, u-shaped design format, boardroom-style layout and a hollow rectangular shape or square format. The banquet-style layout involves seating plan around an oblong or hexagonal table. It is finest matched for businesses that utilize this location for training sessions. The theatre-style design is perfect for firms that make use of an audience-speaker mode of interaction. It is preferable for firms that hold numerous discussions, seminars and workshops and have large staff member strength. As apparent by its name, classroom-type format entails a row-type seating setup. The u-shaped format has a u-shaped seminar table with chairs around it allowing seating around the 3 sides. The boardroom and hollow rectangle-style format are extremely popular for small committee or board of director meetings, and conversations. The layout ought to be picked as each the business’s need and sort of conferences that the boardroom would host.

2) Colour:

Colour has the power to generate response, evoke mood and also enhance the appearance of the area. The colour picked should be aesthetically enticing whilst creating an environment that matches the goal of the conferences. Furthermore, it needs to suit the workplace furniture and embellishments. Stay clear of colour that makes the conference area look congested. The shortlisted colour should be checked under proper illumination problems to comprehend the state of mind it would promote.

3) Furniture:

The meeting room furniture including the table and chairs ought to be picked thinking about the space available. The furniture ought to be durable and of good quality. Ergonomic chairs or natural leather chairs need to be preferred as they are comfy and would increase attention that is required while taking vital choices in the conference.

4) Equipment:

A meeting room requires to be useful besides being visual. It must possess the essential devices and tools that are important for a meeting. A meeting room ought to have a projector, an LCD, a speaker, phone lines and Wi-Fi link, every one of which are crucial for presentations and conferences to take location.

Your company’s presence

Small businesses have the toughest task ahead of them. The task is to get noticed by customers, even with the big competitors around. It sounds easy, but it’s not. How can a small deli compete with a 5-star restaurant two blocks down? How can a small boutique of clothes compete with a large clothing brand across the street? Can you still manage to establish your company’s presence? Of course you can! You can still establish your company’s presence without having to spend too much on radio or TV commercials and print media advertising. Your solution: having a website.

Why a website?

Why websites? Isn’t it just for kids and geeks who want to publish something online? Well, a website for your business is a more cost-effective way of advertising, compared to traditional media advertising like TV commercials or posters. A website can be optimized to be on the first page of search engine results page or SERPS, which can give you a huge traffic boost from people who are using the search engines. Most of these optimization techniques can be done by anybody.

Should you make your own website or let the professionals do it?

Anyone with a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and any other web programming language can create a working website, but it takes a lot more than that to create a website that can generate success. Most companies would rely on professional or freelance web designers for their website needs.

Though it may cost you a few hundred dollars to get your website up and running, what are the advantages of getting a professional web design?

1.)Web designers know what to work with and how to work around your website. Professional web designers already have something planned for your business’s website, which means that they can already hit the ground running. They also know what it takes for your website to succeed online, as well as avoiding the non-essential elements that could bring down your website.

2.)Web designers can attend to your technical support needs. You don’t have to fix everything every time your website goes down. Web designers can also do any major or minor revisions for free or for a small fee. If your website is built on a blog or CMS, you can get a new version just by consulting with your web designers.

3.)Web designers are affordable. At most, you’ll probably end up paying a few hundred dollars for their services, inclusive of your website’s domain name and hosting. After that, you’ll only end up paying for the annual fee of your domain name and hosting, which should be around $100 or less. That’s cheaper than getting a thousand posters or a giant tarpaulin printed, or having a 30-second commercial on radio or TV.

In the USA alone, consumers spent an average of $176.2B online in 2010, with an estimated growth of up to $278.9B by the end of 2015. Because your customers are now always on the go with their smartphones and tablets, it’s time that you and your business keep up with them.

Software and hardware are very tricky when it comes to PC maintenance. Sometimes, doing one thing wrong can cost you your entire system. Tinkering with the software or overclocking your hardware can also make or break your computer system. It can be a pretty difficult feat to keep your PC running at an optimal pace, especially when your hardware is already past its limits. For most people, upgrading the hardware every 3 months may seem like a feasible way, but it does not provide them with the most cost-effective way of proper PC maintenance. In reality, there are more than a hundred ways on how to do proper PC maintenance.

Let us take a look at the hardware aspect first. Hardware like the RAM, processor, and video card are the usual parts that tend to be replaced frequently. Upgrading any of these hardware may seem like a good idea, but it will burn a hole through your wallet. Aside from that, you also have to deal with compatibility issues on both your operating system and motherboard. I recently watched a video where one guy had the mistake of getting a $2000 video card that was not even compatible with the motherboard of his system. He had to spend another hundred dollars to get the right motherboard. When you are dealing with your hardware, make sure that the new parts are compatible with your current set-up.

The software aspect of proper PC maintenance can send shivers to people. Software is very tricky, but in reality you only need a couple of utility programs to protect your programs and operating system. It is important to get a registry cleaner, anti-virus program, malware detector, and defragmentation software. These programs are like medicine for your personal computer. They need to perform their tasks once or twice a week just to make sure that your system is clean as a whistle.

When it comes to proper personal computer or laptop maintenance, it can be a bit of a challenge, especially for those who are not that technologically adept at fixing or tinkering with computers. An average Joe will probably install thousands of unwanted programs that will cause his system to run slow, or it could cause its eventual demise. For IT experts, they believe that a system is only as strong as its weak point. The weak point they are referring to is the software because it is prone to a lot of technical issues and other problems.

Personal computers and laptops are vulnerable to software issues because they are unpredictable and they can come out of nowhere. The most common software problems are viruses and malwares that circulate the Internet. These files will do nothing but damage your important directories like your system registry or they could flood all your drives with unwanted files. Anti-virus programs can help you get rid of infected files and clean out the infected directories. Most of the registry cleaners that you find online are now capable of detecting viruses and other harmful files.

Your disk drives can also contribute to the overall lifespan of your personal computer. When a disk drive is nearing its limit, like 80% full, your programs will not be able to run efficiently. You can manage your disk space by downloading disk defragmentation software. While your operating system may have a default defrag program installed, it will not provide you with the same coverage that you can get from independent defrag software. These programs will manage your good and bad disk space sectors, and compress your existing files into smaller sizes. You can run all of the programs mentioned above at least once or twice a week, depending on the existing issues of your PC.





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