The room of power

The conference room or boardroom is THE ROOM OF POWER. Everything important for the company takes place here in the conference room, from the hiring of people to the acquisition of new contracts to the appointment of new mangers to the signing of new partnerships. Anything can happen in a boardroom and it’s probably one of the most intimidating rooms in any office. If you, the employee, are invited to a meeting that takes place in a boardroom or conference room, it means you are that important to the company.

The conference room being the ROOM OF POWER is probably the reason why interior designers tend to focus so much on providing emphasis on how well the room looks. The room needs to be aesthetically pleasing enough that it is like a professional reflection of the company, but at the same time, it’s also functional to allow people to work with.

Redesigning your conference room

There are shiploads of ideas when it comes to decorating or designing your conference room. Ideally, it doesn’t matter what brand of furniture you pick (at least for the majority of the plan), but there are some things that are more important that you should consider first.

  1. The size of the conference room – The conference room is probably the biggest or widest room in any office. This is because it has to accommodate the entire population of your company. For example, a small start-up company with 20 people should have a room big enough to accommodate 30. This is to make sure that the room is not cramped enough and it’s big enough to accommodate furniture pieces.
  2. The furniture pieces – Basically, a conference room should have a large table, at least in a rectangular or oval shape, and some comfortable chairs. There are also a series of considerations and factors that could affect your decision in choosing the best furniture pieces for your company, so it will be discussed in another paragraph.
  3. The electronic appliances – Sometimes, conference rooms are equipped with appliances and gadgets like projectors, business telephone systems, and television sets to accommodate media presentations.
  4. Snack area – Some conference rooms have a built-in pantry or space to accommodate a coffee maker and a few cabinets to hold food and utensils in. This is usually optional.

The furniture pieces

The furniture pieces are probably the heart and soul of a good conference room. It is an extension of the conference room’s professional and powerful image. You simply can’t do away with a plastic table and chair for your conference room. You need to be aware of several factors that can make or break your choices in furniture pieces:

  1. The ideal shape of any conference or boardroom table is rectangular or a huge oval. This is to accommodate the number of people without risking too much space away. Consider the shape of King Arthur’s round table. It’s big enough to accommodate at least 10 to 15 men, with enough space to work with. The surface of the table should be smooth, like hardwood or glass, in order to make writing easy and to provide a firm grip for gadgets like laptops and projectors.
  2. The chairs should be comfortable enough that it shouldn’t give the user any back pains for prolonged sitting periods. The ideal chairs should be ergonomic chairs, or those that can give the most support for your back and lower lumbar region.

Some standard set-ups for a conference room

Believe it or not, some furniture stores sell conference room pieces as a set, like a collection. These conference room collections are taken from a variety of recognized stores, so it should give you an idea on what your conference or board room’s furniture should look like:

The Trans Tech Collection – The Trans Tech Collection is something that would be the envy of every media conference room. The Trans Tech Collection comes with a wide variety of finishes and paint, as well as table surfaces like Espresso and Bourbon Cherry Veneers. The collection has three different shapes for its table: race track, rectangular, and the standard boat shape. It’s built with a heavy gauge steel base and leg panels, with removable rear access on the legs for infeed cable. This removes the worry of managing tangled wires. The tables measure at 96″W x 42″D, 120″W x 48″D, 144″W x 54″D, 216″W x 54″D and 288″ W x 54″ D. Longer tables, like more than 12”.

The Spyglass Collection – If wood doesn’t suit your taste, you can always do away with a glass-surfaced table like from The Spyglass Collection. The Spyglass Collection was designed in Italy where the glass floats over sturdy and carved bases, which provide an elegant and modern appearance. It also comes with silver grommets, which can also be replaced with power/data cable modules and are concealed through the chimney bases.

A short buyer’s guide on conference and boardroom furniture pieces

When it comes to impressing your clients with your furniture pieces, you need to do some serious shopping first. What most business owners don’t realize is that the shopping process is the most crucial part in impressing your clients. If you’re lucky enough to hire interior designers, you should have no worry about what kind of furniture to pick out. However, if it’s your responsibility to shop, you need to take a look at this buyer’s guide.

Take note that this guide is not focused on the prices, but rather, how you should go about in choosing the aesthetic and functional features of your furniture pieces.

  1. The furniture pieces, from the tables to the chairs, should fit into your conference room without crowding. Some people make the mistake of buying large tables that barely fit inside the conference room. This forces people to squeeze themselves just to sit down or to move around the room. Ideally, the table shouldn’t occupy more than 50% of the entire room space, without counting the chairs.
  2. When it comes to the theme or the entire appearance of your conference room, the furniture pieces should mix and match. For example, you can make use of contrasting colours like black and white, or you can make use of different shades of a single colour, like grey and black. The colour motifs of black, white, and grey represent formality and professionalism in the corporate world. These three colours are also neutral, so they don’t really pose too much conflict with other colours. Make sure the appliances and gadgets like business telephone systems match the motif of your conference room.
  3. The shape of the conference table matters too. The shape can also affect how many people can be seated on the table, and it can affect how much room space it consumes. For example, a rectangular table on a square room is a bad idea. It takes up the entire width of the room, so there’s barely enough space to work with. The shape of the table should coincide with the shape of the room. Rectangular tables or race track tables are ideal for rectangular and elongated rooms, while circular or oval tables are ideal for square rooms. Matching the shape of the table to the shape of the room should make the table look less inconspicuous.

If you follow these concepts, you should be able to impress your clients with how awesome and how functional your conference room is.

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