Online vs. Traditional Marketing – The Advantages of Online Marketing

Marketing is a process where an individual tries to create certain awareness or over a particular product or service and trying to generate new customers while sustaining old ones at the same time. Though it is only a process, it does involve certain techniques and strategies in order for a particular kind of marketing to work. With the arrival of the Internet and the advances made in both communication and electronics, marketing has been divided into two concrete types: ONLINE AND TRADITIONAL, and one of them is a lot better than the other.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is a series of techniques which were popular before people heard of online marketing. These marketing tactics includes print media (posters, brochures, tarps, and signs), television commercials, and radio commercials, and newspaper and magazine advertising. How did these processes work?

-Print media advertising or marketing worked by printing business information on poster, brochures, tarps, and signs. Billboards are also a popular form of print media advertising, which is still being used by many companies as a main marketing tactic. In order for print media marketing to work, a business owner would have to replicate thousands of copies and scatter them all over a particular location; posters can be posted on walls, brochures can be given away on the sidewalk or in malls, and signs and tarps can be hung over the street or within the office.

-Radio and TV commercials were simply paid spots on-air. Commercials’ length varies, somewhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes; of course, the longer the commercial, the more expensive it is. On top of that, business owners would have to create the commercial themselves, or hire professionals to do it for them.

-Newspaper and magazine advertising are like print media and TV commercials merged as one. Business owners pay for a spot, literally, on the newspaper in order to display their poster or information about their product or service.

Does traditional marketing still work? In a way, they can still work their magic in terms of creating awareness towards a certain product or service. It all boils down to creativity and how it was delivered. It was used before the advent of the Internet and business owners found some form of success. What were or are its advantages?

-Establishes reputation. Business owners were deemed to have a high reputation if they could afford a radio or TV commercial, and it would give off an air of confidence to their customers.

-Establishes attention. People still pay attention to posters, much like they would notice a link on a web page. If a poster was posted in a high foot traffic area, someone from the crowd would notice the contents of that poster. Of course, if a poster was located in a dark alleyway, no one would even notice it. It’s all about location. People would be calling you and your business telephone systems would be calling if your posters were located in a very good spot.

-Reaches out to the technologically impaired. These would include individuals who never got a chance to learn how to use a computer or smartphone to individuals; majority are senior citizens and the small percentage is those that do not have access to computers, smartphones, and the Internet.

The downfall of traditional marketing is its cost. Radio and TV commercials were expensive, and printing thousands of posters and brochures were also expensive. There wasn’t any form of guarantee that customers will visit your business if they saw your poster or seen or heard your commercial. Another downfall is the range of the marketing power. Business owners are restricted within their city’s confines when it came to traditional marketing. Local radio stations may not be heard or accessed from other cities, or local channels may not be available. The more expensive the marketing technique is, the bigger the risk of losing more money in the process.

What about online marketing?

Online marketing is the evolution of traditional marketing and contains strategies that would overpower the different strategies of traditional marketing. Online marketing only requires a couple of things in order for it to be successful:

-A website or a blog.

-Powerful content creators (video, audio, written word)

Think of it this way; online marketing goes beyond the disadvantage of traditional marketing, which is location. If traditional marketing was confined within a city limit, online marketing knows no limits because it reaches out to everyone in the world who uses the Internet. Millions of people are logged on to the Internet at any given time because they are looking for information; from cooking recipes to finding a particular product or service. Traditional marketing can be confined to a city, but online marketing will cover the city, state, and region of that particular business.

What is the process?

Basically, business owners set up a blog or website about their business. This is where content creators come in. Because people are looking for information, a website needs to meet that particular need through its contents; whether it’s a simple video on how to fix a broken toilet to an article about how to save on mortgage. If people like what they read or see, they would consider that website, or in this case the business, as a powerful figure in the industry. In order to build the awareness of that particular website or page, a technique called SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION will come in handy if business owners want to be on the search engine results page or SERPS. This is the peanut butter to the jelly of online marketing.

What are the advantages of online marketing?

-It’s cheap and affordable. The cost of setting up a website or blog is more than half of what one would pay for thousands of posters or a huge tarp or a 30 second radio commercial. At some point, business owners would only have to shell out at least $10 to $15 A YEAR for their domain name and $100 to $150 A YEAR for their hosting. That’s like pocket change for a business and it’s a one-time investiture ANNUALLY.

-The sky’s the limit. In this case, the cyberspace. It doesn’t matter if a business is located in NSW or Victoria or even in Africa. People will eventually come across your website or content when proper SEO is done. Business owners would be looking at a global reach for their website.

-Marketing campaigns are flexible. It’s easy to adjust and customize your online marketing campaigns because it’s easy to see the results, e.g. where majority of visitors are coming from, the most frequently used search term to get to a page, and so on. By knowing what works and what doesn’t, an online marketing campaign is maximized to its full capabilities, giving business owners the best results money can buy. When done right, your business telephone systems will be ringing off the hook!

Online marketing is a work in progress and marketers continue to work out its kinks and clanks. Within the next few years, online marketing will probably reach heights that even traditional marketing can’t dare to reach.

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